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We are Latin Music specialist (50's / 80's)

Record Categories: LPs (vinyl) only, no CDs.

  1. Latin Groups & Artists - Afro-Cuban, Latin Jazz & Latin Soul

  2. Latin Rock : 60's to 80's - U.S. and Foreign made records by Latin Rock labels (surf, beat, garage, psych, hard rock, progressive, etc... LPs and singles)  

  3. Brazilian Groups & Artists - Bossa Nova, Brazilian Jazz, etc...

  4. Soul - Soul and Funk recordings from 60's to 80's (LPs and 45 rpms)

  5. Jazz - Jazz Instrumentals & Vocalists from U.S. and other countries

  6. Movie Soundtracks  - Background Movie Music & Personalities

  7. Afro-Peruvian Music - Music from the Black People of Peru

  8. Audiophile - Standard and Audiophile recordings with excellent stereo sound

  9. Psych & Progressive Rock - U.S. and Foreign releases from 70's and 80's

  10. Key to our Abbreviations - Visual grading of Cover and Record condition

  11. Auction terms - eBay Auctions terms and conditions

    Please, send us e-mail for availability and price.

    The LPs and 45 RPMs on the lists are rare. Prices start at $20.00 USD and up.

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