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Welcome to Incarock! We are part of the Latin Rock Series by Lazarus Audio Products, a California based record label that specializes in reissuing all genres of music from all over the world.

The tidal waves created by Elvis Presley and the Beatles in the late 50's and early 60's, arrived with tremendous force to many foreign shores, where the music was absorbed, filtrated and, in many instances, flavored by their cultures. 

Incarock products are reissues of rock 'n' roll recordings done by Latin musicians in the late 60's and 70's. The releases are on compact disc format (CD's) and 180 grams, audiophile quality, vinyl. The covers are manufactured using the original art work,  and pressing plates done directly from the original master tapes for the best sound reproduction possible. Based on the high desirability for Latin psychedelic music and other  rock 'n' roll styles, we went to different countries in Central and  South America to find the original master tapes and acquire the licensing rights to reproduce these beautiful recordings with 21st Century vinyl and compact disc technologies.

George Bonilla
c/o Lazarus Audio Products